Happy New Year

I’m looking to buy some great shoes today. To finish a poem I’ve been working on, to replace my Miz Mooz Amelia Button Boots that I’ve worn to death over the past three years, and to finish
a poem. 

Here’s to new things like a new year and new boots and a new poem.

I’m thinking of turning the old boots into flower pots or umbrella holders or something useful. I just can’t bare to throw them away despite the fact that they DON’T look like they should anymore. Hole in the toe, bent over like wilted flowers, chips, scuffs, holed soles. But they were grand once, weren’t they? HAPPY NEW YEAR! Drink lots of chamPAGne. It’s good to feel bubbly inside.

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4 Responses to Happy New Year

  1. Oh dear. My pink cowboy boots which have giant holes in the soles are still in my closet. I wore them forever seriously it takes a long time to wear out a pair of cowboy boots and I can’t bear to part with them even though I carefully purge just about everything I can.

    Have fun shoe shopping! Then write about not being able to part with dead boots.


    • rachvb says:

      My pink cowboy boots are still alive and kicking. I can’t bare the thought of those dying yet. When I brought it up to a friend she said, “We’ll you can just get new ones.” oh no. no no no no no.
      There are some shoes that mean nothing and some that mean everything.
      Thank you! I hope I find something!

  2. I hope you find something, too. Just knowing you two have beloved pink cowboy boots, alive or dead, makes me smile. Happy New Year, Rachel. Happy new words and new purposes for old things.

    • rachvb says:

      Pink and purple and I adore my cowboy boots. I found some shoes, but not the boots I was looking for. oh well. I’ll keep looking. The perfect ones are out there somewhere.
      And Happy New Year to you! Give California my love. =)

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