Hang in there, Mazie

Mazda got sick over the weekend – super high fever and she stopped eating. (she’s a she now – the vet confirmed it when we took her in – I guess we shouldn’t go in the business of sexing kittens.)
Anyway, last night they gave her antibiotics and some high nutrient gel to get her electrolytes going and when we took her home, she was better – eating again with some spunk. She sort of faded in the middle of the night and I hemmed and hawed about taking her back to the vet for hospitalization because their estimate was going to be about $400 for all the tests and medicine and blood work. But I couldn’t stand to see her curled up, shaking and breathing like an old truck, so I took her in again this morning for a day’s hospitalization.
They called this afternoon and said they were able to do all the really expensive things they needed to do to get her fluids and antibiotics every 3 hrs, but that her white blood cells were pretty much non-existent, so if she doesn’t improve in the next 24 hours, she probably won’t make it.
I’d write more, tap into MY FEELINGS, but I’m at work and whenever I think about it I want to sob and I’m pushing snot into my cardigan and even if you hate cats, you’d love Mazda, so maybe you could say a little prayer to the animal gods that she’s got a little fight left in her.

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