God, I haven’t written!
Instead, I’ll just post a bunch of pictures =)
We’ve had Pat’s 32 birthday for which I commissioned a friend/coworker of mine to do a portrait of Jack. I think she nailed it. He will forever be daydreaming and watching the leaves. We also took our first road trip to LA – about a 5.5-6 hr drive. The way over was great, we left late, so Jack slept most of the way. It’s an easy drive on I-10. It’s a boring drive through the desert. Not much there, so breaking down with a baby would be pretty hellish. My car is good though. Trustworthy and we had a good friend coming with us to keep him company for the ride back (which would be during the day when he’s awake). It was a great trip, though. My first mother’s day, Jack’s first beach toes and Pat’s first 32nd birthday =) We stayed at my brother’s amazing house in Glendale and got to see my whole family: Aunt, Uncle, Uncle, Grandma, Mom, Step-dad, brother, sister-in-law. It’s pretty cool to see my Grandma (Jack’s Great-Grandma) with him. 3 generations of moms. How crazy I’m included in that now. There’s only 3 of us! A very elite, but not elitist club of amazing women.
Jack has two teeth and is getting his uppers, so between that and a double ear infection and shots Tuesday, he hasn’t been sleeping well the last couple weeks *coughmonths*. But he’s still so happy and people love being around him, which as his parents is pretty cool to see. I just stare at him and think about who he’s going to become. What his first words will be. What a great boy. Everyone tells us so. Where did he come from?
When we took him to the ocean, it was a pretty breezy day. The sun was out, not too cold, but we took his booties off and I carried him to the water. He giggled the entire way and I kept looking at him and around him to see what he was laughing about. I kept asking him, but he kept giggling. Finally, I realized the wind brushing his feet, tousling his hair, rustling his clothes was tickling him. He loves the wind. He loves most things. That’s the kind of boy he is. I love him for it. I love him dearly. He reminds me to look at the world in firsts.
So now pictures:















A while ago, I commissioned Awesome Audrey Tate to paint Jack for Pat's birthday. She nailed it! Jack will forever be daydreaming out the window, watching the leaves. Thanks, Audrey!!!

A while ago, I commissioned Awesome Audrey Tate to paint Jack for Pat’s birthday. She nailed it! Jack will forever be daydreaming out the window, watching the leaves. Thanks, Audrey!!!

Oh geez! I also won Designer of the Year for the whole state of Arizona haha. So that’s cool news! Go working moms!

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6 Responses to Firsts

  1. Ms. Moon says:

    So you just threw that in there last thing, huh?
    Congratulations on that! And for having the sweetest, most adorable, lovely baby!
    And for sharing him.
    Happy everything to all of you.

    • rachelvb says:

      haha! I kinda forgot! And then I remembered and it was awesome all over again. Thank you!
      He’s absolutely one of my favorite people and we’ve only known him 7 months. I am so excited to watch him grow up. xoxo

  2. Angella says:

    What a happy, happy boy! He is so beautiful and joyful. One of the things I can say from experience is that our children’s personalities from babyhood carry right on through! So you have a child with a high happy meter on your hands. Lucky Jack. Lucky you. I have one of those and the laughs keep coming, and she’s 21 now. My boy was a more grumpy baby, and though he is a lovely man now, he is definitely grumpier than my girl. You and Pat hit the Jackpot! I didnt see that pun coming but somehow it works! Lovelovelove the pictures, especially the three generations of BEAUTIFUL vibrant women. Life is good! xoxox

    • rachelvb says:

      Angella, he really is! I’m glad to hear the happiness carries on. I do often wonder what another kiddo of ours will be like. I’m excited about that part to see how different another baby can be. But we’ve been so lucky with him. Crossing my fingers the next one is as relaxed haha. It’s funny, there are so many Jack puns! We had no idea! Jumpin’ Jack, Jack in the box, Jack O’Lantern, Jack of all trades, Capt. Jack, lumberjack… it really goes on and on. It’s pretty fun that he has a billion nick names already.
      And I’m so so glad my Grandma has gotten to see him a couple times. We flew over last Christmas and now last weekend. He has a great, goofy family. And I have to say families are more fun with babies =) xoxo

  3. Angella says:

    And oh yes, congratulations on your Big Award!!!!

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