Election Eve

We were escorted back to our car last night by two college girls driving a golf cart. They worked on tips, I suspect carting all the drunk college students around Old Town Scottsdale, so it’s only natural – since we were pretending to be college students. But when they picked us up they were arguing about the election – the driver was trying to knock some sense into her friend (who was voting for Romney) and I yelled that Romney was going to ruin women’s health care and she said, CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS, she said “I would give up my right to health care to see Obama out.” Which is absolutely horrifying to think that there are women, young women willing to give up control of their bodies for a man who doesn’t give a shit about them and their health *cough ROMNEYFUCKFACE cough*
I’m so nervous about this election. I’m nervous like I was nervous when Bush won a second time and when Obama finally won 4 years ago, I’m so nervous because this country has gone crazy and somehow crazy has snuck into so many people’s brains and won.
Please vote for Obama, (among other reasons) so I don’t have to explain to fat white men who get Viagra for free under their insurance that I want to take my $80 a month birth control pill in peace. Get out of my vagina! If I wanted you there you’d know!

ps can I also just bitch about how “Melty” is not a word and I hate “The Voice” which is on 8 times a day for those of us who can’t escape with cable.

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