Dues are up

I’m wondering what I should do this morning. It’s such a warm, beautiful morning that I had to pull the covers over my head to sleep in. Another night shift tonight – I ride them pretty easily, it’s steady work, but mundane and not creative. News design is the assembly line of design – headline here, head deck here, byline here, body here. Every once and a while if you’re lucky, you can put in a fact box or quote to break up the gray blocks. The jackpot is a photo – if you get a good photo and not a photo of some Jack sitting at his desk with a cup of coffee and a story about how he’s an adventurous mountain climber/doctor who saves children in Chile – Wouldn’t you want to see the picture of him hanging off a cliff with a child in his arms?! I sure would. Good luck telling that to the photo department.
I sort of want to go on a hike; I sort of want to pack again; I want to write; I want to get a base tan before I go to Hawaii (did I mention I’m going to Hawaii?!!! In the middle of trying to prepare for a cross-country move – that’s why I’m starting so early. Time is going to pull the rug from under me and before I know it, I’ll have a week before I’m gone.)
It’s hard looking for apartments in a city you know nothing about. I have a week there before I start my job, so I’m hoping I can find a nice enough place for us to start out. I know where NOT to go – that helps.
I’m still plugging away at my collection – if I can even call it that. Another handful of rejections – one to a writing retreat, others individual poems – but this is how I’m supposed to learn how to write, is it not? This is the hazing period. I have to make it out alive and still believe in myself.

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  1. Angella says:

    every time you get a rejection, remind yourself that angela’s ashes, which went on to win the pulitzer, was rejected 17 times. and harry potter, which, well, you know, was rejected 11 times. i might not be exactly right on the rejection numbers but it’s somewhere in that vicinity. book editors don’t always know what they’re looking at. so keep writing. you will make it out alive and full of belief. for sure. xo

    • rachvb says:

      Thank you. It took someone I know 10 years to get a book published. Yikes! I haven’t even gotten to the hardest part yet – getting a manuscript out there and getting rejections back from that. They will come. And every once and a while I’ll get accepted and those are the nuggets to hang on to. I was just thinking how I applied to soooo many jobs recently and all it took was one and here we are about to change our lives. We are resilient little suckers. Also I just read an article in P&W about an ex-lawyer who is 50 and is just now publishing his debut novel. I have some time… I’m on my way. Writing anyway is the only cure.

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