Dress appropriately

I gave a coworker a pen and she gave it back and now that I’m biting it and looking at it I see that I gave her a pen covered in bite marks. Sorry.
I feel like sitting in a field today. In the sun and popping the heads off daisies and tying together ropes made of grass and playing with the bugs. Nature is a balm and I haven’t been able to see her in so long, to really sit in her because she’s been acting like a bitch lately.
I wore a dress and tights without checking the weather. 16 degrees. I felt all 16 of them. Strange how warm a patch of sunlight can be on cold knees. I’ve found warm spots on the ground like you find warm spots in the ocean. I linger just a bit longer until the tide changes on the wind.
I’ve been too deep in thinking about bad things. I’m trying to lighten the load.

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2 Responses to Dress appropriately

  1. this reads like a poem. it is lovely.

    yeah, nature has been a bitch, but her sweet side will show itself soon. hang in there.

    • rachvb says:

      Thank you. It felt nice to write this morning. To think of being warm!
      She deserves to act like a bitch if she wants to. We are pretty hard on her. I don’t blame her. I think we’ll see some buds soon.

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