Downtown Wilkes-Barre

There’s a woman

who looks like a man

in her car

on her phone.


My heart’s been knocking under my breast

I deep breathe to open the windows


But the man-phone-car-woman doesn’t move

like I ask shim to.


Someone I see sometimes

collects doll heads on his walls

makes skin into lampshades.

He stares under my clothes tempted

walks on stilt legs

in too big suits in too small brains.


There’s the market and people

candy sellers

serial killers buying candy

candy I’d never eat.


You said you looked for me there today

I’m sorry I missed you.

I like you unexpected

walking smack-dab into pieces of art.


When my cat curls up in the sink

its because there’s no water.

She likes fresh water

to watch it, to move it, to drink it

and when she can’t she curls

into the porcelain bowl

like a muscle in a yellow shell

just to be close to the possibility.

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