Does this look like an adventure or what?!

Photo by Dick Kent

In less than a month, this is where I’ll be. At the put in of the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. I’m prepared to get soaking wet.

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2 Responses to Does this look like an adventure or what?!

  1. Rebecca Loudon says:

    I used to do this with my dad. I miss the white water so much.

    • rachvb says:

      We’ve been going now every year for the past three or so – my parents are gung-ho! My mom just got a new raft that looks like a giant tangerine and this will be her first time taking it on a trip.
      It’s pretty amazing to force oneself into such seclusion like that – no technology. It’s just you and the river and somehow it’s seems natural to be away from the world for so long.
      I hope you get to go again someday. xo

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