Dear Grandma,

I hope you are OK and got my email this morning popping in to say thank you for the birthday card and for the money for a dinner out on the town. I really emailed you because I had a dream last night that seemed too much like Grandma heaven and it made me nervous. Weird things like that happen in life where someone passes away and then someone else dreams about them. And my dream last night had me driving a teal 70s Cadillac with silver buttons and cream insides – the blinkers blinked heavily like clunking shoes and I came to meet you in your neighborhood. But this neighborhood was full of older people who never died. They were 75 years old, but had been living for hundreds. And you showed me your house – white and huge with a lime green lawn in the sun and you said that all the people who lived here – who lived forever and never died got all the farmland that your houses are on now and over there (you pointed way way beyond where I could see), was the other neighborhood where people died and they lived in ugliness and brown lawns – their worlds were not pretty like it was here. you said that’s just the way of things.

And  you said that all the older people living here, who lived forever and never died, adopted so many children because they couldn’t have anymore and you would always be around to take care of them – it was only natural.

I drove around and around for a while. Never getting out of my car, I cruised the twisty block and when it dead-ended I looped around and drove back. You were trimming trees for someone else, you were the only person I could see. And as I drove past you blew a kiss and as I drove away you waved behind me – and I waved back – until I couldn’t see you in the rearview mirror anymore. you just kept waving and telling me you loved me.

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