Creature comfort

Lightning strobbed through the front windows. Thunder grumbled behind. Split by a house, I was inside. The rain second-washed our sheets on the line, washed the bird shit out. Today, I doubt they’ll dry. I watched a squirrel use his tail as an umbrella. Fluff pulled over his back, his head. He was perched on our balcony’s railing, not even 10 feet away. What’s scarier: an large unshowered woman in the morning, smiling or a sewer-filled sky? Sometimes in a storm, two creatures have an understanding.

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2 Responses to Creature comfort

  1. This is a gorgeous observation and it reads like a prose poem with the speed and movement. I love the squirrel and I’ve seen them do it a billion times but never realized that yes they are that’s exactly what they’re doing. Love it.

    • rachvb says:

      The first time I saw him do it was in a downpour, perched on a tree limb. He’d shake his tail every couple of minutes to get the excess water off. It was the coolest thing to watch him. I’ve always wondered what animals do in bad weather. The birds loved it and were singing away in the branches.

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