A day with Lindsey in New York

Yesterday, I ditched work (well told THEM I was ditching work) and Linds and I hopped on a bus with a few sleepy-eyed commuters and hit NYC. It’s refreshing and exhausting and over stimulating and sometimes near impossible to open up, let open, my skin the way maybe I should in a city. But I revised poems while Linds was sleeping on the bus, I saw a light bulb on in the middle of a heart. Beautiful people in beautiful hipster shoes. Drank a brew at 3 in the afternoon. Learned never again to be in an elevator in the Natural History Museum. Learned never to be a school teacher at the Natural History Museum. Learned I may never go to the Natural History Museum again over the Met or the MOMA. Ate scoops of chocolate, coconut gelato. And walked and walked and walked and buzzed and said out loud how scared of getting a tattoo I was, but thought it and wanted it anyway. The lady I’ve been eying lives in this city.
And I went to bed late and dreamed thick heavy dreams and awoke too early and have been running around so much this weekend (State College, PA for a work award ceremony), NYC yesterday that this morning when I went to my therapy appointment (only realized an hour before) I cried and I cried and I cried but felt like a poet who hasn’t taken care of herself. A hammock perhaps if it could please stop raining. Sun hugs. I need sun hugs and grassy breezes and silence on a hard-working heart.

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