Turn off my ears

Sometimes I hate working at a newspaper. The police scanner in the background constantly scratching to remind you the world can be a horrible, scary, sad, dark place. There was a homicide today and the place is buzzing about it. The other week I heard over the scanner a young girl, they always describe them, cutting herself and threatening her grandmother. I’m assuming her grandmother is the one who called the police. I’ve heard of people jumping off bridges – twice – and surviving. I’ve heard about a man walking around downtown with a hunting rifle. I’ve heard a lot of things about people who I’ll never meet, yet I’ve been given access through the wires and radio waves to pieces of their lowest points.

I went for a walk this morning and me and 3 other people were all walking to the same point. We didn’t know each other, never will, but somehow we crossed in the center of something and then split off from like a firework exploding in the sky in all different directions.

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