Last night pat and I went to a restaurant called St. Francis for our anniversary and I ate a ton of wood-oven baked bread with olive oil and salt, baked goat cheese and tomato dip covered in pine nuts and a roasted chicken served on a sweet potato puree with garlic sauce, onions, green olives, red peppers and capers. AND red ale. Happy 10 years to us!

I’m feeling exhausted and lazy. Mazda has opened his eyes finally – did I say that already? I think I did. Anyway, we are pretty sure he is a he because we kept googling pictures of cat genitalia and it said that boys have what appears to be an exclamation point-looking backside and girls have a parenthesis. I’m sure you could read something into that …
Mazda = !

I wish I had something more poetic to say – but I don’t right now. Just balls and food and beer. !

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