Which, if you could, would you choose?

Through the fog and railroad tracks a scraggly man carries purses of cans. Two large white plastic bags oozing brown sugar hanging from his hands like rusted chandeliers. So many people use these tracks as roads or sidewalks. How much money would he make for his efforts?

It’s cold this morning and damp. I dreamed of a skunk invading our house. We panicked and wanted nothing to do with him, hiding behind tables and doors, afraid any moment he would point his tail upward. Finally he said “Open the window and I’ll leave. I’m just trying to get to the bathroom. I want nothing to do with you people. I just got lost.”

What would you choose? A thriving metropolis with culture and artists, a place you would love, but would have to work hard just to get by – two jobs: one to survive (ie. food and bills) and the other to survive (ie. writing).
Isolation. Small town. Complete isolation and cold winters. Living in a trailer. Living among hunters and oil men. Maybe loving an oil man whose job wasn’t something you absolutely believed in, but enough for him to support you with your full-time job of writing. Writing. All you would do is writing. And what a damn good story that would be. Two people in a shit economy moving to a wild boomtown surrounded by open land and writing. The writing.
Which, if you could, would you choose?

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2 Responses to Which, if you could, would you choose?

  1. Me being me and knowing now what I didn’t know then, I would have to prove to myself by writing like a fiend while in the metropolis that I WOULD write like that – or more – given the freedom to do so. I have had chances where time was offered and I just wasn’t ready. Which would you pick? xo

    • rachvb says:

      The grass is greener conundrum…
      I have no idea what I would pick. My heart says to write and to write wherever I am, but god how lovely it would be to have more time – at least 4 or 5 straight hours a day or 7 or 8?! But I do believe being a part of such a bustling world is very inspirational. So many stories to pick up. So I don’t know. I suppose the good thing is knowing I would do it and make time in any situation. That’s what matters in the end.

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