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Backseat driver Ellen

‘Cause it’s only Wednesday and feels like at least Thursday or Friday and Ellen is just funny.

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Willing fall

I’m going to relish the next few weeks. The baby and I will never be this close again. I heard on Radiolab that fetal cells remain in their mothers for decades. Of course they do, how can you be that … Continue reading

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Maternity photos (3-ish weeks to go)

Last weekend really really really early in the morning, we took our maternity photos with a co-worker of mine, Jill McNamara. Jill is also doing our newborn photos, so we have more photo shoots to look forward to and more … Continue reading

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5 weeks (ish) to go

I’m going to the doctor every week now. Things are winding down/gearing up all at the same time. The baby’s head is down – at a -1 station which means that … it’s down. haha. It goes from -5 (where … Continue reading

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Belly shots from 24-35 weeks

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6 weeks

The other night I had a dream that a really intelligent, artistic teacher told me out of all her students, she would put me in charge of her class because I had love in my face. When it came to … Continue reading

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