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Saturday, Saturday.

I went on a 3 mile walk this morning along the dike. The water is overflowing from the river. Muddy caramel colors swirling, stumps drifting. It was overcast and cold and nothing like it is right now. Right now it … Continue reading

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Back at the ranch

This morning, I opened a bill that came yesterday. From the ob-gyn. An ultrasound I had about 2 or 3 months ago that I’ve never had to pay for before, but now that our company has changed our insurance I … Continue reading

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When a lumberjack finds a glittery egg

I was in a deep green forest last night. A lush moss-covered island with a house on the tip. Surrounded by a dark creek. A small wooden house or cottage adorned the edge, the island was just big enough to … Continue reading

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This is my first gulp of air at work today. And now it smells like fish. Last night I had a dream of two twisters. Clear and close enough I could kiss. And I wasn’t scared of them, I was … Continue reading

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So there

This year I have to share my birthday with a wedding. I told them that it was my birthday, but I don’t think they heard me. And I don’t think they care because they are in love and they are … Continue reading

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Thanks, Uncle Stevie

Rach; “Rejects” = You are a writer. No “Rejects” = You are watching TV, sleeping, doing chores, … et al. Keep up the good work! -Steve

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Hot damn, Dunkin

Pat and I got coffee last night at the Dunkin where all the bikers hang out. I wish there was a better place to get coffee, but it was quick and I was really good about not ordering a chocolate … Continue reading

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"Welcome Home," Radical Face

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Names for the unknown

This morning I cried. The holes of a heart that don’t feel like holes at all, but pressure building with no holes to breathe out of. The condensation building by the edge of glass. That’s what happens – breath turns … Continue reading

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bread crumbs

Lunch outside. My knees burning under my black pants. My pits sweating, my skin blooming red from the sun. My tulips have yet to open up in the garden. Tightly curled in their green pillows. They are open every where … Continue reading

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