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Grandma Poet

My boyfriend brought me home coffee from Seattle. Colombia El Jordan from Stumptown Coffee. A little brown bag with a tongue card you can pull in and out of its skin. You  have to drink the WHOLE cup he said … Continue reading

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"Pay attention to unbalanced moments and honor the balance that is in them," Grandpa Van

“Go literally and figuratively to that huge boulder field, that mouth in the forest … stand literally and figuratively and lift your arms and your heart to the sky and know your infinite balance.”

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You go your way, I'll go mine

My friend and her family and I were talking about Keats last night. Dead at 24 how could one man have so much work and be so young? I could tell you I have hundreds of poems around, in the … Continue reading

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Here Here Here

Intrigued by the people most who give me no attention. See. See how great I am. You didn’t even know. Like it’s a conquest to feed them all my sweetest fish. See I have all these toys. You won’t regret … Continue reading

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Spin and Spin

I’m watching Billy Elliot and drinking winter beers and thinking about a city by the water a city someday I may come to. They say in the movie when he’s learning to spin to stare at a spot and you … Continue reading

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Big-girl shoes

I picked up the guitar this morning for what’s seemed like a year. years keep popping up today. I tuned it poorly to itself because it is a solo instrument in my house and has only to answer to itself … Continue reading

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Me day

Sylvia was hiding under the couch. I’ve been looking for her. More like wondering where she’s been. I wasn’t surprised. But now I mean to finish the few poems of Ariel she has left to present me. I woke up … Continue reading

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Bay Dreams

Standing there on a street that dropped off into the bay, I don’t know what bay it was and I don’t care, but the bridges laid a soft smoking vertebrae in the distance. Something strong and transparent at the same … Continue reading

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I had the best writing high this morning. Even before I sat down I could feel the beautiful energy. You may only be writing drafts, there are still things unfinished, lines that need to be rewoven, but somewhere within the … Continue reading

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Lightest rain

It just started snowing out of no where. I glanced out the window to see powder, the softest, lightest kind of rain. It looks like Christmas instead.

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