Wipe the Grid

I was just invited by my step-dad for a 3.5 week rafting trip down the Grand Canyon. God I want to go. God I can’t. I hope there’s some time in my life where I might feel free enough, stable enough, rich enough to go on such an excursion. But I have no idea where I’m even going to be – we are thinking Phoenix which would make a trip like that much easier – Arizona, Arizona, but still there’s the elusive job prospects and lack of vacation and everything else about working in this society that makes me depressed and exhausted thinking about .

Why couldn’t I have wanted to be a software engineer or born a trust fund baby? I remember in Missoula there were a bunch of trust fund babies running around pretending to be hippies – tight rope walking between two trees, what the hell was that called again? I got a sick satisfaction every time the ropes bucked them off.
Pat’s old roommate was a trust-fund baby. He walked around campus without shoes on. He had ape feet – dirty and hairy and drove a nice Jeep and was a forestry major. I think he was from a Seattle suburb. He was a dick and didn’t like me because I slept over too much. OK -I’ll give him that one – that is pretty annoying. I don’t think we had sex while he was in the room, though. No, I’m quite sure we didn’t. Youngins in love. It’ll be a decade in September. What the hell?! God, we were babies.

Anyway, back to the Grand Canyon – I do wonder a lot how much I could really live on? If I could work part-time and write part-time and take off 3.5 weeks whenever I damn well pleased to experience some of the most beautiful places in the world. God, what a trip that would be. Someday maybe I won’t be so worried about supporting myself. hahaha!

But maybe I could live off the path in the distant future. Once my car is paid off, once I realize I don’t need a smart phone, once my student loans have magically been rescinded by the federal government. They owe me that, right?

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