Westwater photos

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  1. The photo that speaks to me most strongly is the shadows of you and the brother. Please let me not go all deconstructionist on this…it speaks to me in hard edges, images crisp and defined, not blurred, it speaks to me in a back-of-the moon way where what we get is entirely true but not the common face, in speaks to me in the space.

  2. rachvb says:

    We are like souls in space and in spaces we have created. He said to me once that if we traded bodies no one would be able to tell the difference between us. I have always remembered that and cherish him for his creativity and will always always look up to him. We have spaces and distance as well – physical and emotional at times perhaps – we don’t talk nearly as much as we should. But he feels like a constant soul to me.
    I’m glad you like that photo of us and our shadows – we share many of the same and at times in entirely different ways as unique beings should.

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