West Coast is the Best Coast part 2

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2 Responses to West Coast is the Best Coast part 2

  1. Jellies!
    I can’t wait until my jellies come back.
    My jellies. Like I own them. Or pet them and feed them Scooby snacks.
    Beautiful photos, Rachel.
    You are gorgeous by the way.

    • rachvb says:

      * ll *
      >u< (cyber blush! or something - that took too long and now I'm not sure what it looks like...) Oh, they are your jellies. =) I can't imagine petting them, but I do picture you feeding them Scooby snacks. Thank you. California is a beautiful place when it's not covered in smog. No, it's beautiful there. I just love it. ahhh not quite home, but close enough. And thank you - (cyber blush above). xoxo RVB

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