Wednesday morning – the last before August

It’s a beautiful morning – molten sunrise, blue clouds. The hills waver through the tree branches stretched like candelabras. Green flickering leaves.

The night before last, I was freezing. After our big rain, the temperature dropped to spring. I kept smothering Pat because he’s always running hot and I’m always running cold and I’m a thief. Last night before bed I clumped the down comforter at the end, just in case. This morning wasn’t much warmer, but in the groggy hour before I really woke up I felt Pat lifting the down over my body. There are some moments, the semi-conscious, vulnerable ones, where you feel safe knowing that within a small gesture you’re greatly loved.

Two more people at work were fired. I didn’t know we had much wiggle room anymore. We are down to the starved, the field’s almost fallow. It’s as if the company, even our government forgets these are lives, not just numbers. Electric bills, car payments, children’s clothes. I wish the two of them my best – for whatever that’s worth.

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