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So being mobile these past few days and for the next month, I can’t upload photos to my blog through my phone and facebook is private, but if you want to be friends on facebook for photo reasons I certainly won’t deny you. Anywhoo, I have instagram, but can’t figure that out really and then I have twitter which is sort of instagram and I can share photos through that. SO point: if you really really want to see photos here’s my twitter @rachelvanb
I already have one of my filthy feet, which is a huge selling point I’m sure. But there’s one of berries and moons and my mom’s beautiful house.
Coo. Time to eat brisket that’s been slow cooking for 18 hours. HAPPY AMERICA DAY! Wear your camo, shoot things, shotgun a key-punch miller light can and smash it against your forehead. BOOM.

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