…someone googled “rachel van sex” and somehow made it to my blog. And I think that’s weird.

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  1. Do your stats tell you such things? Frightening and fascinating and a measure of Google as the reference god of the universe. xo

    • rachvb says:

      Well, it tells me if people have been referred to my blog by something they search – if that makes sense? Like if I have a Kay Ryan poem and people search for that poem and then see the poem on my blog and click on my blog it will show up. I have no idea WHO they are which I like because when I’m searching things I like to remain anonymous. I’m probably giving away some of my creeping ability. But it is really fascinating what people search for and stumble upon my site. And old posts too. I’ve gotten a lot of people searching for poem sacrifices and they click on a post from a long time ago. Strange to see what people are seeking answers too. And scary it is that Google is universe!

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