Thursday rundown

I’m on my last bit of editing, some rearranging, a whole read-through (or 8) and then I think I’m done with a first draft to a real-live manuscript. Hot damn!

Last night, I had strange dreams. Probably because I’m reading “World War Z” and it’s about the zombie apocalypse. But I didn’t have zombie dreams, I had one dream about Robert De Niro being a mob boss and forcing people into slave-type work. He enticed people with keys – black and white keys in a plastic bag with promissory notes for money and trips and if you picked it up you were bound with your life to work for him. I was trying to save one woman who was indebted and we were falling off water falls Fugitive style, but he kept finding us along the stream. At one point, he sliced my leg between my butt and thigh and left me to bleed out by the water, but I tied a torn cloth around me as tight as I could and prayed.
I remember the other one, but it’s very foggy. A run-down wooden house. The wood white like it gets with decay and old age. It was surrounded by wild grass. Inside, I was in a relationship with three people and we decided to make new names for ourselves when we talked about dreams.

Today, I feel horrified and heart broken and hopeful, alive all at the same time. I guess that’s what happens when you’re tugged open by the people in your life – when they remind you why ‘you are they way you are’ because of them. Their actions are never your fault, no matter how many times you apologize for them.

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