This is right

You know what I heard a lot last night: that if the republican party doesn’t change it’s core beliefs it’s going to die. And I believe that with my whole heart. I believe they are dying and as all the old white men make way for me and Pat and his sisters and our gay friends and their children and everyone who lives with openness and compassion in their hearts; everyone who believes in an equal chance at health care; everyone who believes in women’s rights; honesty; hope and not hatred then by god we might actually get somewhere. And we are. We are coming in, growing up strong, sick of all the bullshit and I think last night proved it. I think last night showed the world that when we need to, we can stand up and make things right.
And who doesn’t love a man who looks and talks about his wife that way. Damn. That’s my President!
I’m really proud of this country. I’m wearing my Obama shirt today. I drove in to work with the music loud, the weight off my chest and feeling for the first time in a long time – hope.
Thank you. Thank you.

And if an old white man ever talks about “legitimate rape” again in this country, I swear to God…
Thank you women voters in Missouri, in Indiana. Thank you, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Virginia. THANK YOU.

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