Thinning blood

I feel a fall in my bones that isn’t coming. Saturday, the first day, was 106 degrees. This week it’s high 90s, but this morning I swore I felt East, the leaves beginning to turn and drain and catch the cold that drops them forever. I felt the spices and beer; preparation our bodies take to gather warmth, wear scarves. We are accustomed to the arrangement of seasons the same way our bodies get tired past sunset and turned on to sex and weep to frustration. I’m waiting to catch a train that never built tracks through the desert. I think the city as a whole is waiting for the heat to break.
It’s strange not knowing how a season will turn out. Fall will feel more like a normal summer and winter will feel like fall, at least that’s what I’m expecting. I’m looking forward to rubbing it in all the Eastern faces when it’s 20 degrees there and 70 degrees here and I think Pat and I are acclimating – Saturday, on the first day of fall after the sun went down and the desert remained 93 degrees, he and I put on our light jackets and agreed that we were completely comfortable.

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