The reality of writing…

…is that you’re never finished (I could say until you die, but no one know what happens when you die and you may well be writing when you’re dying into dying out of dying passed dying always writing.)
Just give me a pen, I’ll use skin.

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2 Responses to The reality of writing…

  1. you are never finished. stories are never done, just inked. a lot of writers who have books have a hard time revisiting them, because all they can see is the edits they’d like to make. And if you couldn’t find a pen to write on skin, you’d write on the scrim inside your head. you can’t help it. i think you know it is a gift, though, even if it doesn’t always feel that way. love to you, dear rachel.

    • rachvb says:

      It’s a gift on the good writing days 😉 it is a job for life. Maybe the word job has too much of a negative connotation, so gift is a good way of saying it. I’m sorry, this is sort if a brInless response – I’ve been playing softball for 2 hours in 100 degree weather and lost a few electrolytes and took a line drive to the ankle. But as with writing I’ll be back out there. Bruises and all. I always like parading the battle wounds 😉 somedays I’m more aware than others that the work is never done. It’s nice to know I’ll never get fired from this one.

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