The happier note

In happy news I got “Inferno,” by Eileen Myles because Rebecca Loudon kept talking about how fabulous it was and I’m excited to find out how fabulous it really is and Joni Mitchel’s album “Blue” and warm mittens and a hat and two beautiful leather journals and anthropologie gift cards, a beautiful shirt to go out in with beautiful earrings, a fabulous stocking full of fabulous things that my mom pre-packed for me because she is the most thoughtful, loving person on the planet and always makes me feel cared for and I miss her terribly and a beautiful cuff bracelet from L to the J and I also miss her terribly and so many beautiful, wonderful things from all over the place from all of my loves and I am so lucky to have such thoughtful, artistic, creative, loving people in my life which makes it so hard to be away from them all. But I carry all of you wherever I go and that makes me full.

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