The hamster's wheels are spinning toward ME!

Right now, I need to not do anything. Take off my socks. Watch my beer sweat. Pat’s playing video games, he steals a sip. Another. This hot computer on my lap burning through the corduroy. I can never spell that word right, I had to look it up. So many easy phonetic things my mind makes more difficult. CORD * UR * ROY. Tomorrow, if all goes as planned and I hope to god all goes as planned, will be the last time Pat has to drive me to work. She’s arriving. My newbie. My lima bean. My green little hamster car. And it’s all I can think of. At the dealership Pat was my hero. I did my part and he closed the deal. He battled for 200 bucks when I would have caved. He’s good that way. We left SUPA STARS!
I couldn’t have done this without my family. My always supportive, reads my blog daily, helped me through college, wiped my nose, named me “Miss Mousy” family. I love them I love them I love them. I am blessed.

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