The boys

I spent my long weekend like this:

Demolition Derby, Flagstaff Breweries, a hike in the San Francisco Mountains where if you look long and far enough the South Rim of the Grand Canyon hides itself as any other distant mountain range.
I love these boys. Baby Liam and Yohanes. Both sons of Pat’s cousin. Yohanes was adopted from Ethiopia when he was 6 months old and you can tell, even now, he’s going to be tall and thin. His 4th birthday is this coming Sunday. Liam, 14 months, weighs almost as much as Yohanes and despite being younger will certainly be able to take care of himself if need be.

I’m sort of lacking words these days. We drove back to Phoenix this morning and immediately I had to get to work. Last week, I worked 2 11 hour days and we are all hanging on here with lots of coffee. Hopefully, I’ll find a voice again soon. For now, pictures will have to do.

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