Thank the rain in Colorado

The forecast predicted clear skies, 80-90 degrees (cooler with each Northern mile.) of course when a prediction or expectation is made, the opposite happens.
We entered Colorado after the dullest, blow your brains out drive through Kansas, my sole advice for driving across the country: if you must travel through the hotter than hell’s hinges state (my step-dad’s words) DON’T listen to the same Cd three times in a row or travel with three older men swapping boat and hog hunting stories. If you can sneak a joint, no one will throw any judgment your way. It may even help you survive.
Immediately after we entered Colorado, the sky blackened and opened up a suitcase of water. Our plan was to camp that night, but seeing a KOA cabin, despite the lot looking like a stock show, rv dealership, sardine can full of fat Americans, we took nature’s cue to rest inside. 2 bunks, a queen mattress all covere in dorm room blue plastic; our appetites smoldered by leftover ribs, cowboy beans and beer, the rain tinking on the roof was the most beautiful sound to sleep to.

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