I thought I heard a stranger in a crowd say my mom’s name this morning. Perhaps she’s just on my mind today.
I’ve been hearing things that aren’t really there the past couple of days. Crickets from his chest, his arm pit – summer crickets. Where do crickets go in the winter? Do they all die, eggs buried, reborn in warmth?
A man behind me this morning sneezed three violent sneezes. Gun shot after gun shot after gun shot. I didn’t dare turn around to look at him. He frightened me and stood too close.
Dear Pat, I almost drank all of my coffee – I probably will in the next 10 minutes. I hope you are proud.
I don’t feel like working on work. I feel like working on this because something feels tapped and I’d rather let it drip.

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4 Responses to Tapped

  1. this is how it is sometimes. i’m sorry that man frightened you.

    let it drip.

    • rachvb says:

      Isn’t it?! We are so quiet sometimes and then when we are full again we have to drip. Except you never know when you are full until it happens. There are no levels to help us know.
      I couldn’t believe someone could go through the world with such a LOUD sneeze! I’m surprised his brain wasn’t rattled loose!
      I think I will, thanks =)

  2. Not a drip day but certainly not one that felt like any kind of work. We don’t have your version of winter, yet there has been a cricket in the kitchen – California, go figure. Please tell me he at least covered those explosive sneezes…these thing concern me. Maybe it is my winter and nothing is ready to be tapped. I hope it is of short duration. Eight-year-old’s mind, not reassuring information.

    • rachvb says:

      Maybe the crickets are living in your kitchen during the winter? =) I remember lots of crickets outside my window growing up. I miss them.
      No! explosive sneeze man didn’t cover his mouth, he practically fell over when he sneezed. He at least turned away from me, but still! The entire coffee house could hear it!
      My hibernations comes and goes. Every couple of weeks or so. The winter sure makes it hard on the body, mind to get motivated. Normally I would wake up with the sun to write in the summer and now I have to wake up well before it.
      And about the 8 year old brains – Maybe it’s why we never feel we’ve grown up – unless we train ourselves past it. Maybe that’s what therapy is for?
      You will be tapped soon. We all find our fill at some point. I have faith.

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