Take a walk


There’s so much promise.
I bought these shoes on a whim. I mean, look at them?! I asked a friend “are these too girly for a boy?”
Obviously, if they are, it didn’t matter. I bought them. I mean, look at them?!
They are huge. They are walking shoes. They are an idea, a twinkle still in my mind. But they have so much promise.
We’ll go so many places. And Jack will walk there. That’s crazy. Right now, he’s working on sitting. He’s getting there. Mostly, he finds his feet and slumps over to play with them and then topples like a boulder or in some form of acrobatics he winds up on his tummy screeching with excitement as if to say “HOLYCRAPLOOKWHATIJUSTDID!”
I can’t wait until he can sit, until he can walk, until I can hear his little voice say my name (my new name): mom.
There are so many places I want to take him and maybe it’s because my own mom just bought me an early (EARLY like 4 months early) birthday present. See below:
These boots
Damn, we be stylin’.
Little man, may your feet be as curious as your fingers as curious as your mind.
Let’s do this!

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