Stylish free-thinker?! ha, sure!

Jack and I were featured as “stylish free-thinkers” for a pretty awesome clothing company called The LB Brand. A few months ago they were searching for brand reps, so I submitted myself. What the hell right? Free shirt, a free shirt I actually love and makes me feel kinda sexy (which is hard to come by these days). Anyway, here’s my Q&A with Jack!

photo by my amazing mom, Debbie Aldridge

photo by my amazing mom, Debbie Aldridge

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2 Responses to Stylish free-thinker?! ha, sure!

  1. Ms. Moon says:

    Dang woman. You could be my child. Tell your parents I said that they done good. And you?
    You’re doing great.
    Love…Ms. Moon

    • rachelvb says:

      Dang, thank you, Mary. I was in Florida last year, Orlando, and thought of you the whole time. How it would be awesome to come up to Lloyd and see you (not meet cause I feel like we’ve already done all that). You’re such a beautiful presence for me here and on FB now. I’m glad you are a mother and a grandmother to such beautiful children. You done good, too. Don’t ever forget that. Xoxox

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