Steeping the holiday spirit

I went around to about 5 bazillion stores today trying to find a nice jacket for a little boy. You’d think in the middle of winter, in a wintry place where the frost laces the roof tops every morning, finding a jacket wouldn’t be such an endeavor. I went to the mall, weaved in and out of slow moving people, passed a woman wearing cookie monster’s feet – I’m not kidding, huge, fluffy blue shoes that were double the size of her and up to her knees. I’m not sure who told her those were OK. While I was driving to the mall I also passed a man (or a woman who knows) dressed as a Taco Bell taco. It’s 30 degrees out. Times must be tight.
If you are thinking about going out shopping right now – don’t. People stop in the middle of the street, don’t use their blinkers, park in handicapped spaces or spaces not at all. Children are screaming around the perfume aisles playing marco polo in Spanish while their mother’s don’t care to tell them about inside voices. And there are no winter coats. I know if I asked, the sales people would say – we are clearing inventory out for Spring. Jackets aren’t in season anymore. And I’d tell them – if we lived in California or Florida or someplace that grows oranges or citrus or surfers or beach bodies, I might believe you. But look outside. It’s 30 degrees and the tacos are freezing their shells off and women are running around in furry feet boots and all I want is a jacket that’s not puffy and vinyl with giant Spiderman webs on it. What happen to the nice peacoats of the world?

On a happy note, I went to our fancy grocery store with the fancy organic section (not that I can afford organic), but I like to imagine I could, but I only went to find loose leaf tea for my boyfriend’s mom. And I lingered there for a half hour, going over the big tins, the ground leaves and peppermint, dried flowers and herbs daydreaming about how lovely it would be to enjoy the small things in the world. To sit down with a cup of tea, not prepackaged, but to actually sit and smell and drink something that takes time to steep.

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