sprIng (the I is my middle finger)

I’ve been thrown into a box full of pollen grass clippings cat dander blooming yellow fucking bushes dirt Dirt DIRT Desert dirt a city rolled like a filthy dog in dirt all shook up over around a vacuum exploding. I took medicine. Nope. It’s warming up. I could feel sweat walking from the train, the sweat of summer beginning. But this Spring, in the meantime, the cat shedding her wiry white hair in preparation, the flowers opening their mouths, sticking out their tongues – mleeee they said to me… MLEEEEEE… this spring might just kill me.

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6 Responses to sprIng (the I is my middle finger)

  1. Ms. Moon says:

    Spring is NOT all joy and daffodils.

    • rachvb says:

      NO IT IS NOT. This is the worst I’ve ever had, although I did hear that when you move to a different climate it can take like 2 years for your allergies to acclimate. AHHHHHHH!

  2. Oh, Rach – this sounds scratchy and dangerous! (I was going to ask you if we could go to the Botanical Gardens together in April but. . . hmmm, maybe not??!). May Spring’s Pollen Siege hurry on off and away xoxo

    • rachvb says:

      I LOVE the botanical gardens! We should definitely go! Ill live. I might be drugged up though 🙂 no, I haven’t been in the Spring yet and I hear there’s a beautiful butterfly garden and they just opened a wonderful new restaurant there, so it would be womderful to go! Especially if you haven’t seen it yet? Let me know what dates you’re here – I’m looking forward to it! Xoxo

  3. PS. Love ‘the I (in SprIng) is my middle finger’!!

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