So you know what’s awesome?

My web elf completely transferred my entire site to a new host that has UNLIMITED space and now I can post whatever the eff I want LIKE A BILLION PHOTOS and NO ONE CAN STOP ME!!!!!!!!

So I’m going to go a little crazy with this one and post some pics from the last few weeks =)
Happy Sunday

Clink (Ice House)

Self Portrait at Ice House

Sky mural

Icehouse art

First set is Happy brunch Sunday. Also there’s a beautiful old ice house in Phoenix that a man bought and turned into an art gallery leaving all the interiors as they were. Three levels of brick and concrete. Room upon room, iron doors, cart tracks, rickety elevators: it’s all there. I was meeting a guy I’d been in touch with who we commissioned to make some Loud Luggage (his business name). He’s 26, crazy talented and one of the most friendly people I’ve met here. He turns vintage luggage into boom boxes. Check it out here Pat and I saw one at a diner and knew this was what we needed to get each other for Christmas, so to exchange our deposit, he asked me to meet him here where his girlfriend, an ASU Sculpting grad student was having an end of the semester show. Free wine, a room covered in fur, amazing drum circle, a man chained with his eyes covered in copper standing in a corner: art. I loved every second.

photo 5-2

photo 4-2

photo 3-2

photo 2-3

Loud Luggage_Cottonwood True music festival

Mama Bus

photo 2-1

photo 3-1

Second set: True Music Festival a few weekends ago. So from Mr. Loud Luggage, we learned of a music festival where he was having his first show. I embraced my inner hippy. We saw our boom box for the first time (it’s the blue one, obviously, it’s the only picture teehee), we took some new friends, discovered new music, froze when the sun went down (I swear it gets cold in the desert) and watched some fire jugglers.

We’ve gotten rain
photo 4-1

and we’ve watched more magical sunsets. This is the same night. Looking west:
Phoenix Sunset
and looking east (that mountain in the middle is our famous Camelback):
Looking East, Camelback
I’ve never seen sunsets envelope an entire sky like they do here. Some nights, the east is brighter than the west. They make their own rules.

It’s Merry Xmas Eve. I’m at work. Hope to leave early. From my office window, across the alley, I’m watching a pilot and his wife (or who knows what) spread the blinds to their hotel room and look out across our desert city. It’s sunny. Why wouldn’t it be? And tomorrow who knows where we will go. Happy Christmas!

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