So there

This year I have to share my birthday with a wedding. I told them that it was my birthday, but I don’t think they heard me. And I don’t think they care because they are in love and they are planning what best banquet hotel food to order for masses of people and I could tell them right now that banquet hotel food on my birthday is NOT my idea of a birthday meal, but I’m getting the sense that my birthday this year will NOT be my day and I’ll have to share it with god knows however many hundreds of people all eating cake that should be mine, but isn’t.

27 this year – should I be growing up?

Lindsey Lohan has my birthday. Tom Cruise is close to my birthday. My birthday isn’t until July 2, but I’m thinking about it now for some reason because we have to fly to Spokane (SpoKcccompton as some people like to call it) at we need to get tickets and I need to spend money on my birthday which seems backwards. But I have a feeling this year my birthday is going to thrust me cold turkey into adult birthdayhood where you don’t really get balloons and big cakes and parties, you get a present from your cat maybe in the form of a dead bird on the front porch and I don’t really care right now that I’m being selfish about it because it’s my birthday (in 3 months) and I can get sloshed and ruin a wedding if I want to.

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