Sidewalk treasures

I found some interesting treasures this morning walking to work.
1. a post-it sized note next to the court house with the names:
J. Lowe
D. Wasilewski
K. Ford
B. Sandy
R. Seymor
M. Moore
S. Wrubel
and then an address of an apartment in Nanticoke, PA.
I’d list their full names, but they might be serial killers and I don’t particularly want them google-able to my blog.

2. A blue Mead notebook on a concrete island in a parking lot. It belonged to a some-what unstudious girl named Maddy – I’m suspecting from the high school next to my office. The front cover has the word “Fuck” a few times (it was her Grandma, not me!) and some strange illegible graffiti-esque letters. There’s also some hearts, naturally, a ghost sticker with the words “ghost” above it, some love, some hate, “pussy ass flower” next to a pussy ass flower and a few smiley faces.
I say she’s unstudious because there’s absolutely no work in here – even within sections marked “science,” “math,” “spelling.”
There are a few drawings of strange creatures, a giant jack-o-lantern filling one lined page, an “I <3 Maddy" banner done up in bubble letters followed by an "I <3 u! Kayla love, Maddy" followed by more pussy ass flowers, then a note to Jon saying "Jon <3 (with an arrow through it like cupid) didn't have time to do dinner luv ya Maddy. The last page is particularly strange and terribly disturbing. It's a drawing of a woman (I think) wearing a hat marked with the Star of David, her mouth is open and there's a pink male member balls and all headed you know where and then below that there's the word Jews crossed out and a "heil hitler." Kids right?! Wait, what the hell?! I wonder if I should turn this in to her school and get her pussy ass in trouble. Oh there's also a recipe for "Zuppa di Zombie" made as following: 1 small package of instant "pistacho" pudding 1 cup whipping cream 3 "Table spoons" powdered sugar 1/2 teaspoon "vanialla" extract blue food coloring 6 count package sponge cake rounds Monster-themed breakfast cereal "(such a boo berry or count chocula)*" Decorating "spinkles" *other sweet breakfast cereal can be contained BON APPETITE! From, Maddy the Nazi high-schooler who loves herself, Jon and Kayla - just not jews

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2 Responses to Sidewalk treasures

  1. Lindsey says:

    Could you be so kind as to explain what, exactly, is a pussy ass flower? Not a term I’m familiar with.
    Man, the last drawing is actually quite disturbing – remember there was that one girl who got into all that trouble a few years back for spray-painting the Jewish Community Center door with Nazi symbols … that must have been Kayla. But really … I didn’t know there were still Nazi’s in America … let alone at the HS level. That shit cra-cra.

    • rachvb says:

      I’m not entirely sure – but the drawing of her flower was really horrible, so I’m guessing “pussy ass” means a poor rendering.

      yeah, I’m actually pretty disturbed by the last drawing. I was trying to find the girl on facebook, but I’m not even sure she knows how to spell her own name. I was hoping for more secret crushes and things, but instead I got a giant photo of hate speech. The notebook also smells like old cigarettes. I wonder if it would do any good to return it to the school. I’m guessing that’s where it came from. Maybe they would know what to do with it – or do nothing because the education system around here is so jaded.

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