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Today, I won the shit shine award for many backlogged shit shines. Sometimes at work we get pictures of feet or fingernails or hip replacements or car bows and we have to design the shit out of it and make it magical. I have been designing shit for most of my career so far and I’m pretty sure I’ll never stop.

Speaking of shit – the world is full of flatulence today. In the library, a person behind me burped at least a dozen times. And walking in the parking garage stairwell, a man presumed he was all alone in the world and belched two loud, echoing burps right before we crossed paths.
I don’t know how this happened, but life has become insanely busy. Work for one. Mismanaged time that I can’t exactly wrangle together. IKEA desks and shelves. Gym memberships. Writing?? ha ha. I’m trying, but as always am lost.
But it seems like everyone is bursting into song. At least in the desert where the sun has been shining constantly and the weather decadent and even the drunks are happy.
I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet. Not that you’ve cared, but whether it’s my ear or not – I’ve been retreating into myself for the time being. It’s all I can hear. Just a sloshing, wave-like thinking tide. I’ll come back around soon.
Happy shit shining!

p.s. this hat is from my boss’s Halloween costume. She was a sexy turd proving that even poop can be a political statement.

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