Shall we name him Mazda?

Yesterday, Pat went to a coffee shop here and got really strange looks from a woman who worked there. She was outside on her break and heard strange noises coming from Pat’s car. “Do you have kittens in there?” She asked him.
While we were away, a stray cat decided to give birth in his engine. Every patron at the shop was suddenly outside, offering their jack, under his car on the hot asphalt, reaching into tubes and metal extracting these cats. Their eyes were still closed which means they were younger than 8 days. With his tires off the ground and a crowd, the pulled out 3 kittens. One black, two gray. A woman who worked at the coffee shop said she would take them to her vet and so Pat left them there, with only the odd experience.
Today, he went out and got more creamer for our coffee, pulled back into the apartment complex and heard another small mew.
This guy is what came out.
We have no idea how old he is, if he’s a girl or a boy, if he will even survive – but after work today, we are on our way to the vet giving us perhaps another member of the family.
Tula is irate.

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