I was going to carve my pumpkins today, but since it’s snowing 3-7 inches of snow, I think I’ll just bypass Halloween altogether and sit in fleece and try to keep my feet warm.
I baked an Apple bunt cake with cream cheese filling this morning and half of it fell apart when I plopped it over. So I scooped it out as best I could and glued it back together with praline sauce and no one will know – except YOU, but YOU won’t tell because then I won’t share.
We are brewing beer later. I’m tired and didn’t sleep well. Dreams were illformed and chopped into skewers. There’s a decision coming or one I’ve been putting off, but this may be my sign. I don’t have any control. Hopefully, I can talk about it soon.
If you read this – sorry – there’s nothing much here and I’m totally distracted watching the snow. I’ll post pictures when I find better footing.

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