Sea dreams

The sand was dark. Glittering reflections like ribbons down its back. pat and I were digging in the sand. I was trying to redirect the water with barriers, using my feet as shovels. Small walls of sand, but the water always broke through. We found caverns on the beach, other people were around. I collected conch shells the size of my head, full shells unbroken by tides. Pink and green shells and I looked deeper into a cavern, I looked under the people sitting on the rocks like bleachers to the sea and found a small teal bowl full of treasures. A broken blue porcelain spoon, the figure of some worn, ancient face, the statue of an Egyptian pharaoh with dates winding around the side, down and down until I came upon the date it was made – 1482. The people above me kept guessing at the value, a sea-side antique road show. But I knew what I had found. I knew I wasn’t giving it up to anyone. I knew it was all mine.

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