Say no to licorice part 2

I woke up feeling lonely. For no particular reason. Maybe it’s the dream I had about my mom and it was us against the world of revolutionized cats and my brother. Every one but us had been zapped by an electricity gun and their teeth turned blue and they were coming after us. We were holed up in my old bedroom in Davis. When I left to go to the bathroom my old cat Mittens (R.I.P) came running down the hall at me and I kicked her, well more like swept her feet from under her with my foot. But it turns out she was normal, she wasn’t a zapped cat and I felt really terrible for kicking her in the face and lead her into my safe room.

But then my brother and some other cats were trying to get in the bedroom. I was trying to lock the door and keep him from getting in. Somehow I mustered all my strength and my feet didn’t slip on the carpet and my bones and my  muscles and my body kept him out. And then I finally could lock the door.

Before of after, I’m not sure, some people also turned into strange Japanese toy-like characters. They were tinted blue and they were about to be attacked by non-Japanese Toy-like characters and one of them kept saying they wanted to go back home to their planet. One had strange flower blood powers (I’m not sure what flower blood powers are, but she had them).

All of this I can be sure relates back to my awful licorice cough syrup which is another reason (case and point) to say no to licorice: blue-people-flower-blood-powers-alien-electric-cat-attacking dreams. Just say no.

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