Salinas KS – life is swell on the sunny side

Kansas clouds hang heavy like dormant missiles. The sky a mine field, bomb house waiting for the right weather trigger. The truck stereo plays big bands 4 – trumpeters in white suits, glamorous women in turquoise gowns – in the heart of Kansas time has rewound 70 years. The world was at war. And from a distance, black smoke marches into blue sky, grain mills loom like old prisons – concrete weeping white. There are all kinds of wars; the ones inside, battles of land and homes and pride. It’s horrible losing when you feel what you did was right. The smug victor continuing on, blazing and slapping the things you love. These are times I pray for karma. These are the times I look to the clouds and pray. March on, suck in his fire, I trust it will rain down.

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