Run the dogs

We got up at 5:45 this morning. The alarm was set, but my internal clock was off. 4 to 4:30 to 5. I didn’t dare check the time, but I could sense through the half sleep, the rotations to my side, to my back that the light wouldn’t break for a while. I kept seeing colors. Blocks of primary colors. I kept seeing colors and I kept telling myself to be open or perhaps I kept feeling open. Breathe in, open chest, breathe the worry out.

Dreams are a strange high. The obsessions come quick and oscillate. Your body becomes saturated with one thought, worry, image, ghost. Are obsessions seeded in the dream world? Do we run them around like dogs, let them loose and cage them in once awake? It’s wonderful that our minds have so many different ways to be awake, so many different levels of consciousness. And it’s wonder that we someone navigate them all – albeit in my case not always well.

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