I’ve always been a shy little bunny or maybe I’m better as a fox. White breast, face flushed. How old is she? She seems old (er) than me. She uses words like visceral in conversation. She’s naked and doesn’t seem to mind. Is embarrassed and doesn’t care. Is that what getting older is?
I’ve been afraid of my voice, of hearing it aloud. It’s like watching someone have sex when you shouldn’t be there. The twist of bodies, moans and words or no sound at all but a rustling. It’s so intimate and they don’t care. I can’t look away.

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  1. I can’t look away either. And she seems much older than my in her brain though she is not. I am not an adult. I doubt at this point I ever will be. Nor can I look away.

    • rachvb says:

      Maybe I should give up the idea that I’ll ever feel like an adult. It’s a lot of work anyway.
      I think the only time I feel like an adult is when I’m putting out appetizers, arranging them on plates.
      I’ve always been in aweterrifiedenvious of people who can wear themselves on the outside. Maybe I’m built for it. Maybe I’m not.
      Maybe I’ll have to wait until I’m an adult to find out.

  2. which I wrote twice. duh.

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