Reading of 'Two Bodies'

Someday I will actually have to do this and it scares the crap out of me, so this is me sticking a pinkie toe in the pool and then running back to my towel while the lifeguard yells at me for running.

Two Bodies

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  1. How are there not 800 comments before mine, or did this just get posted?

    Rachel, I believe you are ready for your close-up. This was stirring…God, today you poets give me goosebumps…and your singing in the middle would have, HAVE to be part of a reading. People say way too often that they’ve been knocked out. Well, sometimes it’s true. Wonderful. The way in which your speaking voice augments the truth of your written voice. No staying at home on Friday nights anymore…you need to be out there, letting everybody know. Wow. xo

    • rachvb says:

      I posted it this morning. That was my goal before work – to read and post it. A good goal!
      Thank you, thank you! I’m glad you’re getting poet goosebumps today, those are good days.
      I had the singing part in my brain when I wrote it, which is maybe why I was compelled to let this one be heard as well. I will be out there soon, I think. You have made me that much braver!

  2. Oh, YES, Rachel – yes, yes, yes. This is glorious. Powerful. Resonant. Your voice full and steady and unwavering. As Marylinn says, the moment when you lift into song is breathtaking. I, too, have goosebumps from the listening. You def. sound ready to go out there and share your significant gifts.
    Would it be alright for me to put a link to your poem from my blog? Others need to hear it. . . L, C xo

    • rachvb says:

      Thank you, thank you, Claire. I’ll muster some courage soon and try not to think about how bright red I’ll become. 😉
      The link would be an honor – what a compliment.
      Yes, I’ll be ready soon!

  3. Oh yay – thank you! One step at a time, right? Begin here, where you are on firm feet amongst loving supporters, those who would wish first and foremost to see and uphold you.
    I will add a link on the page that has my poem for Melissa. (Thank you for your comment there!) L, C xo

    • rachvb says:

      The best place to begin and end. I am lucky to be in such beautiful, artistic, lovely company. Thanks.
      And I will forever hear your fabulous accent in my ear now when I read a comment. I love it!

  4. thanks to marylinn for directing me here to have a listen. way cool. we need to be hearing more stuff like this. i was curious the entire way…oh, not so much curious because that would mean i was standing apart from the N…which i wasn’t. i was the N and wondered where this life, this poem would lead me. a fine lead, a fine ending.

    oh, and loved the photos you have up.

    u of m, huh? go griz!



    • rachvb says:

      Thank you so much for listening! I’m glad Marylinn told you to stop by. And I’m so glad you like the photos.
      This is the first poem I’ve done a recording of, so maybe in the future I’ll do more? It’s a wonderful compliment that you felt this poem led you somewhere. Thank you for going on the small journey.
      I am a griz! Or was…
      Somehow I ended up on the east coast for a bit, but I miss Missoula every day.

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