Rainbow Bright

I was accused of wearing too many colors yesterday.

“How many colors can you wear?” She said chuckling as I walked in the lunchroom to warm up leftover chili.

I peered down the length of me confused. Blue dress, green and cream and black stripped cardigan, black leggings, purple sandals. I knew that morning I wanted to be a bit strange. pretend I was in a circus or a Tim Burton movie, but I told her that I didn’t really consider black to be a color so 4 at the most and she said some cover-up remark that only I could pull something off like that. No one else, but me. Maybe it wasn’t a cover-up remark, who knows, but she’d already put it in my head: you look weird.

Maybe Friday I’ll wrap my whole body in every color I can find. I can think of worse things to be associated with.

Rainbow Bright is my homegirl.

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3 Responses to Rainbow Bright

  1. Dear Rachel — you go girl! And how about taking a bowl of the most brightly coloured jelly beans and stripy/spotty liquorice allsorts to hand around the work place! Eating colour can add joy, too! (Who was it who said we should avoid eating beige food, that intensely coloured food – esp. natural foods like black berries, oranges, peas, etc… are excellent for our stomachs!).
    Have fun! L, C x

  2. Rainbow Bright, Cyndi Lauper (at least once upon a time), Betsey Johnson even now. I will assume the question was asked enviously for that kind of style is not meant for everyone. I don’t want to think about the possible existence of color police. I know you were glorious.

  3. rachvb says:

    I don’t know who said that, but I have heard that – adding more color: peppers, oranges, berries – is good for us. And how can it not be?
    And I have it on good authority (my InSyle to be exact) that I’m allowed to start mixing prints – one of them has to be smaller of course, but they just opened up a whole can of worms in my closet!

    Thank you. I can’t think of a world either with the existence of color police. I think their heads would pop from too much exposure in the world, certainly they would be grossly understaffed. =)
    Outfits just got exciting again!

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