I took my car in today because for the past couple of weeks the speaker has been hissing at me and on the brink of blowing out and of course the moment I make an appointment to take my car in, the noise stops and the music: ear candy perfection – but I took it in anyway telling them IT’S NOT DOING IT ANYMORE, BUT I SWEAR… because it’s still under warranty and if something is wrong I’d rather not have to pay for it. duh.
So in the meantime, they changed my oil and washed 2,000 miles of bugs and dirt and desert off my car (I had yet to wash it from my move) and told me in fact they could not replicate the “noise” I was hearing, nor could they find anything stuck in there, nor can they prescribe anything to take my crazy away, but if I’d like, we can try and replicate the noise together when I pick it up tonight. Sure thing. I’ll bring my F*&king harmonica and a sick cat and we’ll figure this thing right out.
I shouldn’t have taken it in. I knew how they would look at me in the end and when he called me on the phone to tell me everything was perfect, I had the most insane notion to cry. Because he didn’t believe me? Which is just ridiculous.
But what the hell car?! I know you’re going to start making noises immediately after I take you home and why the hell do things suddenly “fix” themselves when faced with the only people who can set them straight? I know this happens all the time which makes me believe the Universe has far too much time on its hands. Maybe you could be helpful for once – actually lead us to that strange plant in the amazon that cures cancer that no one has discovered yet. Jerk.

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